Working Moms: How to Hire Childcare

Have you ever wondered if you are thinking the right way about hiring childcare?




As Working Moms, we need help with our kids at some point. Whether you need a nanny, babysitter, mother’s helper, preschool, or daycare center, you need to know what to look for. Finding a good Nanny Agency in new york is a good way to get started when looking for childcare. We also need to check ourselves to make sure we are treating the relationship with the respect it deserves.


This week, I interview Vicki Macchiavello, founder of Swiss Cheese Childcare Collective in the San Francisco Bay Area. She will give you 5 considerations you need to know to hire a professional to care for your precious child.


As a professional childcare coordinator (and the mom of 3 boys!) Vicki has been on both sides of this issue. She has some thought-provoking points to make for working moms everywhere.


Ever wondered if you are doing everything you can to have a successful relationship with your babysitting professional? This week’s podcast has you covered.




Vicki Macchiavello is the founder and CEO of Swiss Cheese Childcare a Community Based Babysitting Solution. As the mom of 3 young boys, she fully understands the importance of top-notch childcare to support her role as a working Mom and yours too!

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