7 steps to work like a MOM, not like a man

What in the world does this mean?

I am like you, I was raised being told that I could do anything that boys can do, maybe even better!

Early in my educational and working life, I was rewarded for plowing through projects regardless of how I felt about them. There was also a pride that I felt at becoming a work-a-holic. It made me feel useful and purposeful to have so much to do. I was proud that I could “work as hard as any man” even though it wore me out in every way possible.

Can you relate?

In my early 20’s, my work-a-holism only impacted me and my close friends. They were all doing the same thing. “Hustle” became our mantra as independent and successful women. Or so we thought.

Now as entrepreneurs, exhausted, we learn (usually the hard way) that we have been working like men and there is a better way! Let’s bring together the skills we learned in productivity with our eye on what truly matters.

When you run your business like a Mom, you simply take the skills (you never knew you had before children) and apply them to your business. I am talking about love, your vision for the big picture and discipline.

Join me on an imaginary trip: fast forward to tonight, your child comes to you at dinner time announcing that he wants a lollipop and and ice cream cone for dinner.

How would reply?

I imagine you would re-direct him, explain that a healthy dinner has been prepared, and of course… “nice try, Buddy!”

How can you bring this same clarity and confidence to your business?

Here are 7 tips for running your business like a Mom.

  1. Get very clear about WHY you run your business. This vision and purpose will make it easy for you to refer back to when you get new opportunities or ideas about the direction of your business.

  2. Practice saying NO. It may sound silly, but I practiced in front of the mirror until I could say it with a straight face, relaxed belly and really mean it. Practice makes perfect. What/who do you need to say “no” to in your business?

  3. Be disciplined with your clients and your team. It is human nature to test boundaries. As the Mom in your business, you need to be the generous giver and the disciplinarian. That client who asks for the sun, moon & stars for the price of a song? No more. That Team member who shows up late? Nada. The potential client who just wants one more piece of FREE advice? I don’t think so. I find this one is really hard for big hearted women because they fear how they will be perceived. I ask you this, “How will you perceive yourself when you have to close down your business because you were essentially robbed by your clients and team?”

  4. Work when you are most suited for working. Too many of us jump into our businesses with no regard for what our ideal life could look like. Imagine how much more productive and effective you could be if you mostly worked when you are at your best. You are the CEO in your business. Act like it!

  5. Take care of yourself like you mean it. When was the last time you joined a friend for lunch, just because? When did you last go to your favorite yoga/gym/dance class for the sheer joy of it?

  6. Take a vacation – your business depends on it. This one is counter-intuitive for so many of the women I speak to. But once they start planning and taking that coveted vacation they are amazed at how many ideas they came up with while miles from their laptops! We women, need to truly rest, unplug and recharge to come back stronger than ever. Try it, I dare you!

  7. Tap into the unending love (you feel for your children) as much as you can. You know that feeling when you look at your kids sleeping? Heart-melting and yet relaxed because you know they are safe and the day is complete? Tap into those feelings as much as you can. Infuse these feelings into your relationships  with clients, colleagues, staff, vendors etc. It will make you so attractive and you will be amazed at how you start magnetizing opportunities rather than hunting them down.

What age were you when you learned that hard work, singular focus and “work til you drop” were the definition of productivity and effectiveness? What small changes can you make in your business today to start being the happy, relaxed and successful Mom Entrepreneur you aspire to be? Let us know in the comments below.

This post first appeared on TheMogulMom.com blog



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Flesché Hesch is a full-time Mama, and Business Advisor for Moms! She brings her training as a Marriage & Family Therapist, Meditation Teacher, and Small Business Coach and Strategist together to create the most positive and empowering business coaching programs for Mom Entrepreneurs. She can often be found at her other office, the playground where she can be seen hunting for bugs with her 3 year old son.


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  • krista kelly

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    I share your philosophy and look forward to following you and your great info. Happy New Year!

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