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Here's what you can expect to learn while you are stuck at home...

How to Turn Your Family Into a Thriving Team (By Giving The Kids Chores)

▶️ With Melissa Griffin AKA "HR Mom"

5 Ways to Start a New Business (or Pivot) During a Crisis

▶️ With Flesché Hesch, MA - The Business Advisor for Moms

How Tele-Medicine Will Help Us During the Pandemic

▶️ With Dr. Veronica Jow, MD - Avid Sports & Tele-Medicine

5 Secrets to Staying Home with Your Kids...and Staying Sane

▶️ With Jessica Sinarski, LPC - Therapist & Author of Riley The Brave

5 ways to Re-Define Your Identity During the Pandemic

▶️ With Jenny Elliott - Career Mom Podcast

How to Heal Your Art Scar During the Pandemic

▶️ With Jessica Neighbor - Vocal & Audition Coach

5 Tips For Fitting in Fitness!

▶️ With Tiffany Dacko - Balanced Fitness for Moms

5 Wealthy Habits That Train Your Brain For Abundance During a Crisis

▶️ With Natasha Campbell - America's Wealth Stylist™

How To Navigate Life In Times Of Uncertainty

▶️ With Tania Vasallo - The Courage To Be Happy

Write Your Book (finally!)...While You Are Stuck At Home

▶️ With Flesché Hesch, MA - The Business Advisor for Moms

Transform Your Body and Your Life With Self Care

▶️ With Natalie Leon - Loving Me Lifestyle

5 Secrets to Homeschooling Your Kids...and Staying Sane

▶️ With Jo Ebisujima - The Wonder Mom Success Club

Life Purpose Re-imagined [crisis edition]

▶️ With Flesché Hesch, MA - The Business Advisor for Moms

Your Host, Flesché Hesch, MA

Awesome Mom of 2. Irreverent Wife to 1. A best selling author, CEO, shrink by training, professional business coach, recovering good-girl, women's circle facilitator, lifestyle + business strategist for Working Moms who want to get a lot more "real" in their lives.

My motto: "If Mama ain't happy. Nobody is happy." Word!

Around my campus, we take a heart and eyes wide open approach to life, love and the business of working + motherhood.

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