For Moms – The Oprah Effect: How To Future Proof Your Business

You are a Mom in Business. What does Oprah have to do with it?


Do you dream of having your business discovered? Do you fantasize that the right article, public relations or big time blog mention will suddenly put your business on the map?

I think most of us dream about an easy and effortless marketing outcome such as this.

As a business coach, I notice that most small business owners I speak with are NOT ready for such sudden stardom. It is known as the Oprah-Effect.

Being mentioned by Oprah on her once prime-time show or now in her magazine have created many multi-million dollar companies seemingly overnight.

There are just as many stories of businesses that crashed and burned because they were simply not equipped to handle the sudden burst of orders and subsequent growth.

So I ask you a question

If you received 5 calls THIS WEEK from viable and interested clients, would you be able to give each of them A+ service and attention?

If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know”, then you need to build out your strategic plan. As Moms + Entrepreneurs, we need to think more strategically than than other business owners. We have too much to lose!

Here’s my coaching for you

Write out a plan for what you would need in place to handle 5+ more clients right now. Then start to reverse engineer the systems, staff and mindset that you need to have in place to make it a reality.

Once you get your plan in place, then get back to dreaming and working hard to get the right PR pitch working for you! This is what I mean about Moms in business getting more strategic.

Is your business ready for a HUGE media blast? Why? Why not? Post your comments below.




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