ATTENTION Mom Entrepreneurs: Do you struggle with your confidence & clarity in your business?

"Discover How to Go From Stressed & Worried to Empowered and Confident in 4 weeks!"

This is Your Invitation to Exit Your Current Situation And Enter Into The Successful Business & Marriage Experience You Have Been Dreaming About.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  • You are hustling in your business ALL the time to prove yourself.
  • You feel a lot of pressure to generate income quickly.
  • You don’t have what you need to grow your business because you lack the confidence to ask/demand that some family budget be set aside to invest in your business.
  • Your fear of failure/success is paralyzing you.
  • You are resentful of your husband even though he is “supportive”.
  • You feel your husband is critical of you and your business.
  • Your “work” is treated like a hobby by you/your husband.


Now is the time to create the business and marriage experience that will truly move you forward.

Some of the common desires I hear from other Moms are:

  • To feel completely supported by their husbands to grow their business.
  • To create true partnership in the marriage.
  • Confidence to take a stand for what Moms need to grow their business (money, childcare, time, letting go of some household chores etc.)
  • Better strategies for self care
  • Feeling free to ask for help!


Any of these sound familiar to you?

Well I have great news. None of the above are reasons not to pursue your dream. The real issue is simply:

A Lack of Training, Education and Support for Getting Clear about One's Desires and HOW to Express Them in a Healthy, Productive and Positive Manner.

Mompreneurs: Money & Marriage the Course

Meet your Coach: Flesché Hesch, MA

3 years ago, I thought I had it made...

I was working from home as a business coach and strategist for hundreds of small business owners all over the US.

When I got pregnant, my husband and I had planned that I would still work full time. But after our son was born, everything changed and I literally could not go back to work. I wanted so much to be home with my boy full time. I had no idea who I was anymore!

After a year, I decided to return to my roots as an entrepreneur and launch my own business coaching other Moms to start and grow their own mom-friendly businesses where flexibility, profits and fun became my reality.

I brought together my training as a Meditation Teacher, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Small Business Coach and Strategist together to create the most positive and empowering Coaching programs for Mom Entrepreneurs.

Today, my clients are attorneys, accountants, coaches, creatives, consultants and more. My thriving community of Mom Entrepreneurs is now a reality. If you are ready to stop wasting your time and money going it alone, then you are in the right place. Join us and we can build your business together.

Learn & Implement the 25 concepts all Mom Entrepreneurs must master to feel confident and on purpose in business and in marriage.

What do I get in the 4-week course?

  • (4) weekly training video modules (pre-recorded)
  • (4) weekly 90-minute LIVE skills + group coaching calls (recorded for those unable to attend live). Tuesdays at 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern).
  • Daily access to Flesché and all of the other Moms in the group via our private FaceBook group.
  • Worksheets, checklists, scripts and training materials.
  • Audio Recordings of all the calls.
  • Encouragement and support when you feel stuck.
  • Learn mom-friendly business strategies that will support your role as a Mom + Wife+ Business Owner + Woman.
  • Learn the 25 strategies and scripts that you need to have productive conversations to move your business and marriage forward.

Learn the 25 strategies and scripts that you need to have productive conversations to move your business and marriage forward.

Refine your clarity. It all starts with YOU.

Are your business, finances & marriage moving in the right direction ? Plug your desires/wishes into my formula to gain clarity about what you are truly after.

Build Your Confidence

Together, we will work on business & marriage confidence-building strategies. These are so simple yet effective. You will be amazed!

Scripts. Scripts. Scripts!

Learn my fill-in-the-blank scripts for handling different situations. Stop trying to find the perfect words so you can get back to what matters most.

Build Your Communication Plan & Feedback

With your plan in place, you can start practicing your new found confidence & clarity. Get my feedback on how it's going so far as well as feedback from the rest of the group.

Bonuses! Sign Up Now and Get Access to Some of My Best Trainings to Grow Your Business.

Fast action bonus - the first 15 Moms to sign up will also receive 3 months access to my Inner Circle Group Coaching Club once the 4 week course ends, so I can continue to support your business and communication plan. (Value: $150.00)

A full business assessment! (Value $397.00)

My Mom-Friendly Business Strategic Plan + Training (Value $297.00)

Mompreneurs: Money & Marriage the Course


It's a WIN/WIN

How Much Does it Cost? (offered up 2 ways)

VIP Option
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    • Everything in the 4-Week Course for Moms +
    • (3) 1-on-1 30-minute private coaching calls with Flesché
    • e-mail support for 30 days to give you more personalized feedback & support
    • Only 5 spots available for the VIP option

    To Your Wild Success,

    Flesché Hesch, MA The Business Advisor for Moms


    If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all with the course then no worries. Just let me know by the end of your first week and I’ll refund your money. That’s how DARN confident I am that this training is going to give you the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE AND PURPOSE you need that you’ll be achieving every goal that you have set for your business this year in no time! I do ask that you show me all of your completed homework for the first week.

    Mompreneurs: Money & Marriage the Course