Moms: My Valentine’s Day Wish for You


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I’m thinking about the messaging that we got as little girls about what it means to be a mother. Did you learn any of these stories?

Motherhood = self sacrifice

Motherhood = coming in last

Motherhood = mom jeans (what?!)

Motherhood = no romance

Motherhood = putting your dreams on hold

Motherhood = guilt: damned if you do – damned if you don’t

But what if instead, you reclaim motherhood for what it is…some of the best years of your life!

What if…

Motherhood = feeling beautiful in your clothes

Motherhood = feeling like the sexiest lady on the block (or at least in your own home!)

Motherhood = being purposeful beyond all measure

Motherhood = being happy

Motherhood = being a Queen

Motherhood = free of guilt

Which list best matches your desired life? What kind of messages are you currently giving your kids, partner, clients and everyone else?

On this Valentine’s Day, I hope you are getting spoiled by your beloveds (I sure am!)…but more than that, I hope you are spoiling yourself!

When Mama is getting hers, you can bring your best to every role in your life + work without resentment or guilt. 

You are a great mom to your kids when you are happy. Am I right?

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Let’s do this,


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