Can You Really Trust Your Husband’s Business Advice? 4 Things You Should Know Before You Decide

This week, I’m answering the following question from a woman in my community. Ever wondered how to manage your husband’s interest in YOUR business management?


Question: My struggle is that I run a business from home. Clients sometimes come to our house for their sessions.

I want a regular work experience where I get to make decisions about my business without bringing my husband into all the details so much. I tell him everything and he has lots of opinions! He works outside of the home and does NOT understand what I’m up to as an entrepreneur.

Do you have advice on how I can create some sort of meeting or time where we speak and make decisions about our/my business so it doesn’t become a daily on-going topic where I feel like I still have autonomy and he isn’t bogged down by things he wants to have a say in?  Help!

Answer: Here’s my response. I recorded it for you!


What are your thoughts about managing your marriage and business? Please leave your comments below.

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