Mom Entrepreneur – 4 Launch Strategies For Getting It Right

Mom Entrepreneur launch strategies

Have you ever launched a program or project that flopped? As Mom Entrepreneurs, we need to learn quickly from our mistakes and make the most of our opportunities and look for the beauty in getting it wrong.

Entrepreneurship is my art
. It is part of how I express my creativity, and I’m convinced it is what keeps me sane.

I have chosen the, umm, shall I say, brave path of starting a business as a new mother. I just love being a mom entrepreneur!

The downside to having your business as your creative outlet is that sometimes, you launch a product or service and it fails, flops, crashes and burns. Oh, how it smarts! 

After brushing myself off, I get right back to it with a few lessons I learned. I do this to look for the beauty in getting it wrong.

This is the advice I give myself and my clients after a less than stellar launch:

1. Congratulations! You just launched (fill in the blank with your product/service). You got the idea out of your head and in front of your target audience. Most people will never make it that far because they are too afraid of their own greatness. But not you! You are to be commended for reaching for the brass ring.

2. Do a “post-mortem.” I learned this concept from my software engineer husband. Set aside a chunk of time with your team/coach/advisor/cheerleader and study the whole launch from start to finish. Don’t forget to look at your metrics for website traffic, calls received, sales conversions – everything! This will be the best part of your learning. Write yourself a note for your next launch and look to improve where you missed the mark last time.

3. Did your clients ask you for _______________ (fill in the blank with your product/service)? If not, then you just learned another valuable lesson, silly rabbit. Don’t create anything that your clients don’t ask for. But how do you know what they want? You ask them!

4. Get out there and do it again. Yup, take the time you need to grieve the loss of potential in what flopped. Get a massage, lick your wounds and be bummed. But most importantly, forgive yourself. Take the lessons you learned and set an excellent example for your kiddos by sticking with your dream and launch again.

In looking for the beauty in a failed launch, you start to become a mom who is starting to really wake up thanks to a kick in the rear from my two favorite spiritual practices, motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Does this help? Let me know about your most recent launch and how it went.

Talk soon,


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