Module 5: (part 2) Business Platforms

This week, we focus on synthesizing the feedback from your surveys and interviews and look for what your initial offering will be. Use the lists below to get you thinking about the best platform for you to get started.

We need to focus on getting your product/service in the hands of your target market so you can start

Sell your product on:


Sell your service on:

    • Your website
    • In Facebook groups (tread lightly and follow the group’s rules!
    • Facebook ads
    • A local boutique, website or shop offering a complimentary product or service
    • A pop-up shop
    • Giving a free talk at an organization where your ideal client hangs out
    • “Work your personal contacts”
    • Google Hangouts LIVE (so you can record) Be sure to make them “private”
    • Yoga studios
    • Libraries
    • Schools

Don’t get overwhelmed by these options. Simply select 1-2 options and start there. Be open to feedback, testing how you feel about offering your work on these platforms, your pricing etc. Remember, we are still testing your business model!