Meet my business baby, #MEG

As I get deeper into my pregnancy experience (5 months and counting!), I’ve noticed that some of my tricks for keeping my energy up are shifting.

You see, I’ve been heads-down on a new “work baby” and it launched this week. I’ve had several people marvel that I seem to be getting more done pregnant than they ever could imagine.
I’m noticing it too. This week’s launch has been so exciting with moments of ups, downs, quick changes and lots of collaboration with my colleagues and team. What I’ve come to realize is that no matter where we are in our lives, we can all use a boost.
Here’s where I found mine and I have one for you too.
  1. I collaborated my tail off. I got myself an amazing partner for my project and we created magic together.
  2. I got generous. This new project is the most generous & giving win-win I’ve ever produced.
  3. I asked for help. I’ve delegated, said no to what I don’t love to do and allowed my team to support me and my vision.
  4. I stepped away. While I’ve worked harder in the last few weeks than I knew I had the capacity for, I’ve also stepped up my self care, set aside special time for for my son and worked through all the psychological blocks that could potentially get in the way of my success.
  5. I had fun! Working with a partner has given me so many opportunities to be playful, creative and downright silly in this process. Having a business bestie rules!
OK, your turn. I have a boost for you! If you have been thinking that you need some expert help to support you in growing you business, check out my Business Baby, her name is #MEG!

#MEG is the Mom Entrepreneur Giveaway.

  • She is generous (did I mention she is giving away 100 prizes worth over $20K?).
  • She is knowledgeable (I asked my favorite mentors and high-level Mom Entrepreneurs to share their best tips for growing a successful business and family at the same time). We wrote a book!
  • She is adorable. Check out the gorgeous faces on her profile pic above. (Proud Mama moment).
If you need help with marketing, self care, time management, writing your book, legal advice and more to grow your business – enter to win! You can tell us exactly what prizes you want. Get our e-book as a bonus for putting yourself “in it to win it.”
Enter to win here.
If you have any questions, please reply to this email.
Talk soon!

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