Introducing the Heart & Soul Business Mastermind!

Are you ready to learn how to grow your email list and start selling to that list with heart AND bigger profits?

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You need more clients.
  • You are working really hard but still not seeing the results you want in your business.
  • Selling to your clients successfully is hard for you.
  • You are really good at what you do and now you are ready to get support & accountability to run your business well.
  • 2014 is your year to grow your email list and start making some larger sales in your business.
  • You want to do all of the above in a way that honors the big picture – in a mindful and conscious way.

You may be wondering, “What are the benefits of growing an email list?”

  • Take control of your ability to communicate with your ideal clients.
  • Stay top of mind for your clients.
  • Build your expert status.
  • Make money when you want – I will teach you exactly how to do this!
  • Conduct market research.
  • When optimized, you may earn $1/month for each email subscriber!

Introducing the Heart & Soul Business Mastermind!

Join me for a 3-month Mastermind experience to grow & leverage your email list and grow YOUR business!

3 Years Ago, I thought I Had It Made

I was working from home as a business coach and trainer for hundreds of small business owners all over the US.

When I got pregnant, my husband and I had planned that I would still work full time. But after my son was born, everything changed and I literally could not go back to work. I wanted so much to be home with my boy full time. I had no idea who I was anymore!

After a year, I decided to return to my roots as an entrepreneur and launch my own business coaching other Moms to start and grow their own mom-friendly businesses where flexibility, profits and fun would become a reality.

I brought together my training as a Meditation Teacher, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Small Business Coach and Strategist together to create the most positive and empowering Coaching programs for Mom Entrepreneurs!

Today, my clients are attorneys, accountants, coaches, creatives, consultants and more. My thriving community of Mom Entrepreneurs is now a reality. If you are ready to stop wasting your time and money going it alone, then you are in the right place. We can build your business together with heart & soul.

I Believe...

  • Running your business can be fun.
  • Entrepreneurship skills can be learned by anyone.
  • It is easy to grow a business when you know the right steps.
  • It is just as easy to earn $100 as $10,000 so aim higher!
  • Making time for your family is essential for any Mom in business.
  • Working too hard all the time leads to burn-out.
  • Happy Moms raise happy kids.
  • You can easily overcome your emotional blocks to growing your business.
  • Mindfulness & intention are powerful forces - honor them everyday.

The Heart & Soul Business Mastermind!

A 3-Month Mastermind for Conscious Mom Business Owners

I am excited to support you in your quest to have a mindful life & business that supports you in being the Mama and you aspire to be!

Imagine the following...


  • Creating a schedule that leaves you feeling FREE every day.
  • Spending more time with your children.
  • Falling in love with your business again.
  • Making more money than ever before.
  • Cultivating clients who love and appreciate you.
  • Learning how to offer [sell]  your products and services in a way that is fun and authentic.
  • Tapping into your inner guidance...daily!


Jessica Neighbor

I have been working with Flesché to grow my business in early childhood music programs and I can’t say enough about how much she has helped me to achieve my goals as a mompreneur in this short amount of time!

As a busy Mom with two young boys I really needed someone who could help me make my business work with my first priority to my family. In the past my business was not reaching my target audience because I was using an ineffective business model and did not understand the value of online marketing. Flesché helped me to grow my business profits by 50% in a few months after working with her marketing solutions.

I have significantly increased my clients. Her online business guidelines are easy to implement with quick returns.

As a Mother herself, Flesché is well aware of the realities of juggling work and family. Together we were able to develop a business model that could be flexible and sustainable with my family demands. I used to feel conflicted about my business but with the help of Flesché, I feel in control and motivated to expand my business even further, all the while striking a balance with my family. Thank you!

Jessica Neighbor Rockin Robins Music
Jessie Wesoky

As a mom, I wanted to do something meaningful that would allow me to be home with my daughter. Flesché helped me craft a business, marketing plan, financial outlook, and the confidence that i could do it!

Now I offer classes and consultations, and know I can grow my business as my daughter grows. I am so grateful for her guidance and understanding of what it takes to make a small business viable, and, best of all, she is a mom too, so she is always making it work for her. I think any mama in business would benefit from working with Flesché.

Jessie Wesoky Developmental Movement for Babies

In 3 months together, we will cover:

Month 1: Your Foundation

  • [Re] Create your ideal client profile

Month 2: Marketing

This week is all about revealing your LEVERAGE strategy. Every business will have it’s own unique way of offering and creating a leveraged plan for revenue generation. I will lead you through my powerful 7-step process so you can uncover yours.

Leverage is the name of the game for Moms who want to make great money and have a life!

Month 3: Learn How To Sell To Your Ideal Clients

Together, we will craft and test an exciting and attractive FREE offer to help you grow your e-mail list. We will make this as fun and productive a process as possible.

The relationship with your ideal clients starts here.

Module 4: Systems - This is our get it done in a day training!

We will roll up our sleeves and create everything you need to attract, collect and communicate with your ideal clients. This session will share different technologies and my recommendations to get set-up as quickly and easily as possible. If you are afraid of technology, this will be a very supportive and helpful call.

Let’s flex our muscles on this one.

Module 5: Marketing plan & implementation

This week we will research and implement your marketing plan for your new and improved ideal client. Let’s discover where to find them, and what to say once you do.

Together, we will create your 6-month plan.

Module 6: Blogging optimization

Newbie and experienced bloggers will find gold in this module. You will learn how to plan, create, title, and re-purpose your content for increased leverage. Blogging increases your expert status, helps ideal clients to find you and allows you to test out your content.

We will focus on making this a fun new habit.

Module 7: Selling to your new email list

Learning to make offers (sell) to your target audience is equal parts art & science. Learn my template for having these conversations. We will partner up to practice as well so you can cultivate your own personalized template for your conversations as well. Imagine feeling relaxed while selling your services so clients say yes!

We can only create transformation for our clients when they actually work with us.

Module 8: Surveys for solutions

In this module, we will learn to read the minds of your clients! This is a simple yet powerful strategy. Your will have access to my done for you templates and system for what to do with the information after you get it.

This is a powerful rinse and repeat strategy.

Vicki M

I had been feeling stunted and stuck even though I was working really hard in my business. From my work with Flesché, I had a breakthrough! Something shifted and it has allowed me to progress with focus and clarity ever since. I walked away feeling a sense of accomplishment for all that I have done so far in my business as well as a blueprint for what to do next. Thank you, Flesché!

Vicki M Swiss Cheese Childcare Collective

Mama Biz Blueprint Academy Bonuses!

  • Bonus #1

    4 Months access to my Inner Circle Group Coaching Program to support you after the Academy ends. $200 value!

  • Bonus #2

    Templates, scripts & done-for-you materials. Priceless!

  • Bonus #3

    Access to my complete Time Management E-Course for Busy Moms and daily planner. A $197 value!

What do I get in the 8-week course?

  • (8) weekly 90-minute LIVE skills and group coaching calls (recorded for those unable to attend live).
  • Daily access to Flesché and all of the other Moms in the group via our private FaceBook group.
  • Worksheets, checklists and training materials.
  • Audio Recordings of all the calls.
  • Weekly accountability to get your tasks done.
  • Encouragement and support when you feel blocked.
  • Bonus #1: 2-months in the Inner Circle to support you after the course ends.
  • Bonus #2: Templates, scripts and done-for-you materials.
  • Bonus #3: Free access to my E-Course: Time Management for Busy Moms.

This course is for Moms who:

  • Have been in business at least 1 year.
  • Your business model is working - meaning you are making revenue currently.
  • You are tired of scraping by and always hunting for new clients.
  • You are a solopreneur (attorney, coach, consultant, creative etc).
  • You are ready to invest in yourself to grow your business .
  • You are open to being coached - even if it is uncomfortable.
  • You want hand-holding provided in a cost-effective format.
  • You know that you will grow faster surrounded by like-minded and successful women.
  • You need support and accountability to grow your business to the next level.

Who is this program NOT for?

  • If you are looking for a done-for-you solution.
  • If you are not ready to invest in your business.
  • If you are not ready to do the work of growing your business.
  • You are not open to being coached.
  • You are not open to changing your limiting beliefs about your business success.

Skills & Group Coaching Call Schedule

Tuesday, 6/17 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

Tuesday, 6/24 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

Tuesday, 7/1 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

Tuesday, 7/8 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

Tuesday, 7/15 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

Tuesday, 7/22 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

Tuesday, 7/29 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

Tuesday, 8/5 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

What is this going to cost me?

I designed this interactive group workshop experience to move you forward in your business at a price that is a no-brainer! Your investment in the 8-week program is $497 $297 Early Bird when paid in full. I am offering a generous 3-pay as well. See below.

This group program is some of my most powerful and empowering trainings at an amazing price. I charge $350 an hour for consulting. You will pay roughly $62 a session in this program.

Space is limited, so book your space today.

Early Bird pricing $497 $297 for a limited time

The early bird pricing ends:

Fast Action Bonus!

For the first 5 Women who register – we will wrap-up our work together with a 45-minute private coaching call. We will review your new plan and work through the blocks that you are experiencing. ($350 value)


I will take all the risk

You can trust yourself to make this investment in your business. Let us know after the first skills and group coaching call (6/17/14) if the program is not right for you for a complete refund…No questions asked!

  • q-iconI don't have the money right now. I'll wait to earn more before investing in learning more.

    Where will your business be in 6 months if you don’t learn these essential skills? I created this training for you so can learn how to create the value that will have your clients say YES to buying from you!

    This is an investment in your business which will pay you back…with interest!

  • q-iconI'm not sure I have the time. How long will this program take?

    Expect to spend roughly 3 hours a week on the training & implementation of this program. Successful business owners spend this amount time every week growing and planning their businesses.

    You need to ask yourself, “how committed am I to improving my business?

  • q-iconWhat if I can't make the live calls or I will miss some?

    No problem! All of the live calls will be recorded and uploaded to our members-only portal. You won’t miss a thing. Recordings will be available same day.

    You can also post your questions in our private FaceBook group.

  • q-iconHow do I know if I'm ready to grow my e-mail list?

    Every business needs an email list. Remember, you can expect to make $1/email address per month if you do this correctly. Ask yourself, how much do I want to make each month? What’s your new goal for the number of email subscribers you will be attracting?

    It is easy when you know how/what to do. I will show you!

Still have questions? Click here to schedule some time to speak with me.

I am excited to support you in turning on the juice in your business!

Ask yourself, "Where will I be in 6 months if I don't grow my email list and learn how to monetize it now?"

If you know in your heart that this program is for you, then I encourage you to take the leap and join us on this journey with other like-minded women. I am committed to supporting you all the way to having the business and life that you deserve.

I can be reached at: (415) 689-4732 if you have any questions. See you in the course!