How To Improve Your Self Discipline – For Working Moms

How To Improve Your Self Discipline - For Working Moms

You know me. I’m all about shining a light on the best hacks and strategies to increase our happiness (and productivity) as working Moms. Today we Tackle Self Discipline.

I’m bringing you my three favorite tips for finally getting a hold of yourself and what I call self-discipline.

Without self-discipline, the truth is:

  • Your confidence is going to suffer
  • You’re going to find yourself feeling jealous of other women
  • You are not living by ALL of your Values

I don’t want you to live like that. Here are my three strategies to help you get a hold of yourself, Mama!

1. Cultivate an Attitude of Self Forgiveness.

If you are reading this post, I imagine that you have flat out blown it in an area or two in your life. Is it in your marriage? At work? Are you not following through, following up or completing important tasks?

Whatever it is, take a deep forgiving breath and remember, “you got yourself into this mess, and YOU will get yourself out of it.

I want you to be your own She-ro. You got this!

2. Focus on Having More Fun!

Imagine that! Becoming self-disciplined is not about beating yourself over the head or living a life of deprivation. It’s the opposite.

Living a life that’s self-disciplined allows you to have the things and the experiences with the people you love the most all the time or as much as you want to have them.

So if you could get your work done on time and maybe get a promotion and start to work from home or you could land that next big client, so you wouldn’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for summer camp this summer. Make your love life – more loving!

It’s about really having the things that you want, and it’s so much easier and so much more pleasurable when you’re having fun doing it.

So I want you to start being more gentle with yourself and have more fun about getting more self-disciplined. Okay?

3. Focus on generating new positive HABITS.

This isn’t about completely eradicating the old bad habits or your bad habits. That’s because, and here I am putting on my psychology hat, is because it’s very rare very unlikely that you will completely eradicate your bad habits.

Yes, I said that it’s very unlikely that you will completely eradicate your bad habits.

Your best shot at having better and more helpful and efficient habits is to just focus on creating new positive ones.

So let’s say for example you’re always late, what we want to concentrate on is not making yourself not late. Instead, you focus on “what do I need to do to start being on time?”

Maybe you start small with gentle things like getting the kids ready 30 minutes before you need to leave instead of five minutes before you leave.

Little things like that start to reverse engineer what your goal is, is your goal to land a big client, is your goal to be able to work from home, is your goal to have a schedule more like mine where you get to be a nomadic entrepreneur and take your family with you on amazing adventures. What are your goals and your values, and start to reverse engineer it?

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I am super excited to be supporting you on this journey, leave your comments down below. What are your favorite strategies for actually getting a hold of yourself and focusing on self-discipline?


  1. Cultivate attitude to self-forgiveness
  2. Have more Fun
  3. Focus on generating new positive habits


Until Next Time,