Gold Medal Advice for Entrepreneurs

Gold medal advice for entrepreneurs

27 life-changing observations I made about entrepreneurs while watching the winter Olympics

I know, I know…we all have a bit of Olympics fatigue now that the games are over. But stay with me here because I saw so much more than competition, medals and gawking at world-class athlete’s faces while they were televised around the world when they learned their lower-than-expected-score. Ouch!

Here are 27 strategies the best of the best can teach you about grit, resilience and getting sh*t done when it matters most. Just for Entrepreneurs + Moms

  1. Dress the part. The costumes…oh the costumes! Learning about the dynamics and technology of the speed skaters or the glamour and provocative figure skaters pleased me to no end. I could not get enough of the costumes and I could not help to notice how professional and polished everyone looked! They dressed the part. How can you up your game this week in the wardrobe department? Me? I work from home, so let’s just say I’ll be ignoring my yoga pants this week just to see how I feel.
  2. Smile – this is as good as it gets! You are in the great game now, so you might as well enjoy yourself! You are a Mom + Entrepreneur which makes you beyond amaze-balls in my book. Smile. Enjoy yourself. Take breaks. Play with your kids. Get your happy on and smile for heaven’s sake!
  3. Trust your training. Everything in your life has brought you to this point. Your expertise, hardships, wins, and education. Everything has lead you to this moment. Use all of your life experiences in your business and motherhood. The world needs the REAL you.
  4. Trust your coach. Who has been where you want to be? Get close to them…real close. Hire a coach, join a mastermind, read your mentor’s book. Your best thinking has gotten you to where you currently are. We all need coaching and support to learn new skills and push us to reach our potential. Who supports YOU as an entrepreneur? Find the right person (your gut always knows!) and get them on your team. 
  5. Listen to your coach. So you have found the right coach to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Congrats! Now follow their advice. I’ll see you on the podium, entrepreneurs!
  6. Have a full support team and actually let them support you! Watching the cross-country relay, I was amazed to see the waiting partner getting their skis honed by a whole team, like a NASCAR pit-crew. Who is already on your team? Friends, family, neighbors, babysitters, childcare, housekeeper, therapist, coach, staff, virtual assistant, bookkeeper etc. These are your support team. Stop trying to shoulder the weight of everything and let them help you. Don’t be the lady who cleans her house before the housekeeper comes. Hire experts. Trust them. Don’t micromanage. Let them go when they mess up (too many times). Don’t be afraid to need people. We are not meant to do anything alone, least of all raise happy successful children and run rocking businesses.
  7. Play the right music. Ooh, the snowboarders got me good with this one. These fools are doing hella flips and tricks while rocking HARD to their most powerful jams. As I write this, I’m listening to acoustic guitar brain-entrainment music in 30-minute bursts designed to help me focus (and not binge-watch Netflix) while the baby naps…er I mean working. Not exactly rocking hard, but it matches my “work”. Tomorrow, I’ll pretend I’m a world-class skier and rock it hard to my most powerful jams when I’m on the slopes.
  8. Play HARD! All of your coaching, training, and expertise (not to mention being a Mom) has taught you that you have to give it your all, even if you are making it up as you go along. When we see you having a blast at your work, it inspires everyone around you.
  9. Get your head in the game. What’s the next best thing for you to work on? Go do that and do it right. Even if it is taking a nap, going for a walk or calling the scary distributor who threatened to cut your product from their online store. Focus on what is most important.
  10. Go for broke. If you can’t afford to lose, maybe you should just get yourself a job. Seriously, I can’t talk to any more women who want guarantees that their very first business idea will hit gold. Some will. Some won’t. You have to be able to fail your way to success sometimes. Get inspired. Read up on the BIGGEST entrepreneurs ever. Their mess-to-success stories will help to keep it real for you.
  11. Look your opponent/obstacle/competitor/teammates in the eye. No one trusts you when you can’t look them in the eye. We are all on the same level. To watch competing athletes look each other in the eye, shake hands and treat one another like humans was heartening and just plain classy.
  12. Reduce distractions. Turn off those pop-up alerts. Close the tabs on social media. Turn off the tv. Close your office door.Hide your phone. 
  13. Be excellent. Do your best at everything. Keep your word. Meet your deadlines. Look your kids in the eye and squat down to their level. Forgive yourself when you don’t.
  14. Stay in your lane. Do what only YOU can do. Yes, it’s satisfying to see a snowboarder win gold in her sport (snowboarding) but to also see her get the gold for skiing a secondary sport she took up and was as shocked as anyone. But that’s not the norm. While you are a multi-faceted and fascinating woman, master one aspect of your life/business and then move on to the next. Remember that growth is circular in nature…just like how your baby learned to walk. Be gentle with yourself by doing what you do best. Don’t be afraid to outsource help if you need it too.
  15. Have a short memory. Blew it on the last sales call? “Fuh-get-about-it!” Hop on the next call and start fresh. Isn’t that what you teach your kids too?
  16. Mentally rehearse your desired outcome. Ever heard of “begin with the end in mind?” Well, that’s exactly what top athletes do…for each and every attempt at honing their craft. They see themselves; sticking the landing, completing the 4th revolution (um, when did this become a thing?) and crossing the finish line. That’s why the winners always look so amazed…because they just saw that very outcome in their heads mere minutes before!!! It never gets old – manifesting your dreams.
  17. Keep going – especially after a mistake. Nothing smarts more than falling brilliantly at the start of your run for Olympic gold. So how do athletes try again after such painful and embarrassing falls? That’s the training, coaching, visualizing and short memory skills honed for years and daily practice. Pick yourself up, lick your wounds, get support from your team, and get back out there. We need you.
  18. Compete only against yourself. We ladies are notoriously hard on ourselves and add jealousy or competition to the mix? Ewwww, you get a nasty cocktail of badness that is toxic to everyone. Competition is good. There is plenty for everyone. Focus on competing against your own sales, branding and customer service. Yeah, I would tell her (your competitor) the same thing.
  19. Get and stay in a state of FLOW. Relax, breathe, get and stay present. Do what you love. Allow time to drop away. Olympic athletes can only do what they do in a state of flow. Think too much and you get nervous, your muscle memory fails because you popped out of flow and started stressing out.
  20. Have fun! You are here, you might as well make the most of it. Hearing about how the athletes play, sightsee and make new friends in the Olympic village is so inspiring. After all, they are at the Olympics! For many, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Same goes for you. How long will your adorable kid be this age? Live in your home? Need your daily help? This is a short and bittersweet gig you and I signed up being mothers…Guuurrrl, make the most of it by having a ball.
  21. Share your journey with your colleagues and customers. We want to know the person behind the brand. Watching the behind the scenes pics from athletes on Instragram was deeply inspiring to so many fans. Go ahead, show us how the sausage truly gets made. Trust me, we will love you for it!
  22. Work through your resistance. We all have it. It’s hard to wake up early. Hard to get to the gym when you are cozy in bed. It’s hard to cold call. It’s hard to make a yummy, healthy dinner everyone will eat (sometimes). Don’t sweat it. Instead, try this…notice how you help your kids through their resistance. Do that same thing for yourself. You are welcome.
  23. Focus on your strengths. Whoever told you to take your bad habits and make them your starting place to make you feel whole needs to be taken out back…Lead with your strengths. Trust me, they are far stronger than your weaknesses. Let us see YOU shine!
  24. Be gracious. Lost out on a big bid you put in? Client asking for a full refund? Your site went down during your launch? Take a breath, put on your problem-solving hat, ask your coach for a template/script and get back to work. Freaking out helps no one and shows you are not a professional. Take it in stride, give the refund (work out the feelings with your coach) and figure out how/why your site is down and become a squeaky wheel until it’s fixed. Last impressions are just as important as first impressions.
  25. Feel all your feelings and use them to your advantage. This is one of my favorites. The gift of being a woman is that we feel SO much! Sure, we get teased for it, but what if it is part of your superpower? It is…Running a business is one of the best self-improvement programs I’ve ever taken on. Don’t close yourself off to your feelings whatever they are. Use them to your advantage daily. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Email me and I’ll show you…
  26. Finish it! Did you see the guy screw up on his final slalom run? Poor dude. But did he act like a loser realizing he was out of the running to medal? Nope. He got back to swishing like he was giving it his all. How can you apply this type of resilience and grit to your heaping pile of unfinished projects?
  27. Celebrate! Got the gold, silver or bronze or didn’t medal at all? Remember, it’s an honor to play with the big dogs. In fact, they teach you how to be better just by being in their presence. It is a privilege that you have the ability to be an entrepreneur + mom at the same time (which coincidentally, makes you one of the big dogs too!)

Now get out there and go for it!

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