How to feel CALM and CENTERED

Moms: How to feel calm and centered

Wish you could feel calm and centered no matter what?

Read on for my favorite (and easiest) strategy for setting up everyone in my life for a BIG win.

This week as I prepare for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!), I am focused on what matters most to me: my family.

I’ll be prepping, cooking & hosting a huge feast on Thursday. AND…my intention for it all is to feel CALM & CENTERED the whole time.

Will I achieve it? That remains to be seen, I do live with 3 men afterall…the youngest of whom are 17 months and 5 years old…but my focus is on my decision to feel CALM & CENTERED this week.

To set myself up for a win, I’ve told my husband and guests of my intention and I’ve invited them to support me and to take it on for themselves as well.

See what I did there?

Not only did I decide how I want to feel, but I reminded my loved ones that they too can decide how they want to feel and we can co-create a good feeling holiday TOGETHER.

Today, we #StartStrong, I want to remind you that feeling CALM & CENTERED is your natural state.

If you need help keeping yourself on track this week (say the buns burn, or the guests launch into political talk right after saying grace or the kids bust into the desserts too early) try this powerfully simple CALMING meditation:


#StartStrong today and every day this week. Everyone in your life and business is deeply impacted by how well you take care of yourself.

Your body knows to breathe in and out on its own to keep you alive. Does it feel different to pay attention to your breathing for 3 counts?

Much love & gratitude,


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