From Crummy to Yummy

This week, I interviewed, Kathy Stowell!


You can listen to our call together here.

Kathy is a Mama Bliss Coach ~ a coach for moms who are seeking simple ways to stay connected to themselves.

Through her coaching, podcast and ecourses, she inspires you to take care of your needs first — while making it all feel like the frothiest gesture of love to your family.

Some of the ways she taps into her own brand of bliss includes indulging in lattes, sewing something for herself and sweating it up at the occasional hot yoga class.

Meet Kathy and get ready to bliss out and pick up your free ecourse 10 Days to Get You From Crummy to Yummy, Mummy!


Here’s to your success,


Flesche Hesch, MA Mom Entrepreneur

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