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Business Mastery - A Group Mastermind: Details

Live Q&A calls: First & 3rd Mondays at 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern). Calls will be recorded  Topics (order of monthly presentation will depend on group survey):

  1. Business fundamentals - from worker to CEO
  2. Your high-end offer
  3. Your schedule - making a mom friendly business
  4. Facebook ads
  5. Writing your book (You have a book in you. It is easier and more fun than you think!)
  6. Sales conversations
  7. PR - get known as an expert!
  8. Livestreaming
  9. Launching new products/services
  10. Financials - understanding what you need to know about business math
  11. Managing your team (or hire your first VA/staff/intern)
  12. Motivation skills, mindset & support.

You will also receive my commitment to your business, bonuses and an accountability partner!

$295 a month

About Flesché Hesch, MA

Flesché is a best selling author, entrepreneur and business coach for Moms. She brings together her training as a UC Berkeley trained researcher, serial entrepreneur & 10+ years as a small business coach and strategist to help Moms from business start-up to 6+ figures.
In another life, she trained to become a marriage and family therapist. She uses those skills everyday in her business coaching.
Flesché has been featured by EntrepreneurFortune, Yahoo!Google Campus and more.
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