5 Steps to Streamlined Content

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: Content is King.   “I get it,” you think. “I’m supposed to be blogging.” So you dutifully write your blog post every week, and put it up on your website and share it to Facebook.   But nothing really happens.  You get a few…Continue Reading →

When your client demands a discount to finance his Lamborghini

I’ll never undercut my own work for any client again. By Christina Empedocles   While growing my design firm I’ve adopted the philosophy that digging in and bringing my A-game to every project is the best strategy for building a roster of quality clients willing to pay reasonable rates for excellent work. Getting up to speed…Continue Reading →

Jessica Neighbor – Happy Hour for Mom Entrepreneurs

Happy Hour for Mom Entrepreneurs with Guest: Jessica Neighbor Jessica Neighbor’s site: http://jessicaneighbor.com/ Jessica’s Summer Camp: http://jessicaneighbor.com/summer-program.html   Listen to this short interview (23 minutes) and look for the “nuggets” you can glean. How can you apply these strategies to your business? Post your questions & comments below.Continue Reading →

Mom Entrepreneurs: How to Deal With Negativity

Mom Entrepreneurs: How to Deal With Negativity   This question about Mom + Entrepreneurs dealing with negativity came to me via my Inner Circle Group Coaching Program. With my training as a marriage and family therapist and meditation teacher, I offer you my best solution for dealing with negativity in your life and business once…Continue Reading →

For Moms – The Oprah Effect: How To Future Proof Your Business

You are a Mom in Business. What does Oprah have to do with it?   Do you dream of having your business discovered? Do you fantasize that the right article, public relations or big time blog mention will suddenly put your business on the map? I think most of us dream about an easy and…Continue Reading →

Meet my business baby, #MEG

As I get deeper into my pregnancy experience (5 months and counting!), I’ve noticed that some of my tricks for keeping my energy up are shifting. You see, I’ve been heads-down on a new “work baby” and it launched this week. I’ve had several people marvel that I seem to be getting more done pregnant than…Continue Reading →

10 Questions Every Mom Entrepreneur should Ask Herself Today

Mom Entrepreneurs are an amazing bunch. We strive to be our best while raising children and running successful and profitable businesses. As a business coach for Moms with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (Marriage & Family Therapy), I simply cannot shy away from asking the hard questions sometimes because our answers can set us…Continue Reading →


This is the story of when I quit and started my own business as a new Mom – are you next?   I can still remember the moment I knew that I had to quit my job as a brand new mother.   I never expected to feel that way; confused, anxious, stressed, uncertain…   My…Continue Reading →

7 steps to work like a MOM, not like a man

What in the world does this mean? I am like you, I was raised being told that I could do anything that boys can do, maybe even better! Early in my educational and working life, I was rewarded for plowing through projects regardless of how I felt about them. There was also a pride that…Continue Reading →

Mom Entrepreneurs: Learn How to Make The Perfect Pitch in 4 Steps

Learn How to Make The Perfect Pitch in 4 Steps   I receive dozens of email solicitations every day, from PR queries and blog post pitches to product reviews and service ads. And while my time is precious (and most of the pitches are off target), my role at The Mogul Mom requires that I…Continue Reading →

Infographic: Moms Start Your Own Business in 11 Simple Steps

Moms, raise your hand if you have the dream of starting your own business.   Yeah, I thought so. Most of the Moms I meet tell me they have a dream of starting their own business: Writing a book Creating a blog Turning their hobby into an Etsy store Taking their skills from their current job and…Continue Reading →

Natalie Garay – Happy Hour for Mom Entrepreneurs

Natalie Garay joins me to discuss: Postpartum Health & Wellness Learn more about Natalie Garay HERE:  What questions do you have for Natalie and me? Please leave them below.Continue Reading →

Happy Hour for Mom Entrepreneurs with Kiran Gaind

To learn more about Kiran her site is: http://rayoflightcoaching.com/ What questions do you have for Kiran and I?Continue Reading →

Happy Hour for Mom Entrepreneurs: Jo Ebisujima

Self employed Moms: Join me for a brief chat in getting a hold of your life, your home and your time with your kids. Learn more about Jo’s program at: http://bit.ly/Organized_Chaos       Mom entrepreneur, Jo Ebisujima & Flesche Hesch discuss organization at home for mompreneurs. Have a question for Jo or me? Please leave it…Continue Reading →

What’s Your Type? Learn the 7 Time Management Archetypes for Moms

Hey Mom, have you been searching for the perfect time management approach to help you keep your business & home life sane but they all fall short? I have good news… It’s not the strategies or the tips… It’s YOU! Watch today’s video blog entry and I will explain. It’s not what you think!   Register…Continue Reading →

From Crummy to Yummy

This week, I interviewed, Kathy Stowell! You can listen to our call together here. Kathy is a Mama Bliss Coach ~ a coach for moms who are seeking simple ways to stay connected to themselves. Through her coaching, podcast and ecourses, she inspires you to take care of your needs first — while making it…Continue Reading →

9 Steps for Starting a Business Doing What You Know And Love

Three years ago, I thought I had it made. I worked from home as a business coach for entrepreneurs all over the US. When I got pregnant with my son, I got walloped by the reality that I wanted to be home with him full-time. I never knew I wanted that! I had no idea…Continue Reading →

Mompreneurs – get FREE media attention for your biz

If you are looking for a way to get more attention for your business then you might be ready to work on pitching your story/business to larger publications for FREE marketing!   I interviewed my friend, Rachel Olsen the founder of BestMomProducts.com and she shares some great tips for how you can start attracting more attention…Continue Reading →

Customer Service: How to Survey Effectively for Mom Entrepreneurs

What have you done lately to show your clients how much you care about them?     Trust me, all of your efforts around customer service get noticed by the people who keep you in business – your customers. Have you heard of “the net promoter score?”     It is essentially a tool for…Continue Reading →

Mom Entrepreneur – 4 Launch Strategies For Getting It Right

Mom Entrepreneur launch strategies

Have you ever launched a program or project that flopped? As Mom Entrepreneurs, we need to learn quickly from our mistakes and make the most of our opportunities and look for the beauty in getting it wrong. Entrepreneurship is my art. It is part of how I express my creativity, and I’m convinced it is what…Continue Reading →

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