Working Moms: How to Hire Childcare

Have you ever wondered if you are thinking the right way about hiring childcare?       As Working Moms, we need help with our kids at some point. Whether you need a nanny, babysitter, mother’s helper, preschool, or daycare center, you need to know what to look for. Finding a good Nanny Agency in…Continue Reading →

Are you Real or Fake?

Are You Real or Fake? Building an Authentic Personal Brand By Kenesha Collins (Guest Posting on I will be honest – building a personal brand is something I’ve been terrified to do.   I envy people with thousands of followers on their YouTube channel, and like on their Facebook page. I admire their ability…Continue Reading →

Mom Entrepreneur: Estate Planning-3 Questions

Every Mom Entrepreneur must ask themselves empowering questions. What will make me a happy and successful woman? Are my kids getting what they need? How can I work smarter and not harder? Solving problems with grace and ease is in your DNA. Today, we take it deeper by making sure your business, clients and financial…Continue Reading →

Gold Medal Advice for Entrepreneurs

Gold medal advice for entrepreneurs

27 life-changing observations I made about entrepreneurs while watching the winter Olympics I know, I know…we all have a bit of Olympics fatigue now that the games are over. But stay with me here because I saw so much more than competition, medals and gawking at world-class athlete’s faces while they were televised around the…Continue Reading →

21 Productivity Hacks for Working Moms


Welcome to another segment in our New Year + New You theme for working moms. Today, we tackle the silver bullet we are all seeking…”How do you just get more done?” I’ve got you! Whether your kids are going to nursery or your hubby looks after the kids or you have decided to get an…Continue Reading →

How to write a book and grow your business

I wrote a book you can too

Okay, so if you are anything like me, you have wanted to write a book since…forever! (Yes, that’s me above holding my first published book).   I also predict you that want to grow your business this year.   You are really good at what you do and you’re wondering “what’s the next step to…Continue Reading →

A Love Letter – 5 Ways You Are The Perfect Mom

A Love Letter - 5 Ways You Are The Perfect Mom

Dear Mama, You work and you have kids. Have you ever taken 10 seconds to think about how truly amazing that is? Here’s how I see it. You have at least 3 full-time jobs! You plan, manage and think about your kiddos all the time. Even when they are not with you. That is some…Continue Reading →

19 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business: Some naughty, some nice


This time of year just makes me giddy. I love Spring! It makes me want to clean out closets, have hard conversations (to clear the decks) and take walks in the rain and revel in watching my kiddos demolish every puddle they encounter. So cute! This year, I’m also taking a critical eye to my…Continue Reading →

3 Reasons You Are STUCK And What To Do About It

3 Reasons you are stuck for working moms

Ever feel stuck? Today’s blog post is tackling 3 Reasons WHY You Are Stuck. I’ve created a QUIZ to go with it. Check it out. In Summary, to get unstuck you will need to focus on: Your stage of life Are your burnt-out? Are you in crisis? Spend 5 minutes filling in the QUIZ. I…Continue Reading →

How To Improve Your Self Discipline – For Working Moms

How To Improve Your Self Discipline - For Working Moms

You know me. I’m all about shining a light on the best hacks and strategies to increase our happiness (and productivity) as working Moms. Today we Tackle Self Discipline. I’m bringing you my three favorite tips for finally getting a hold of yourself and what I call self-discipline. Without self-discipline, the truth is: Your confidence…Continue Reading →

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