A Love Letter – 5 Ways You Are The Perfect Mom

A Love Letter - 5 Ways You Are The Perfect Mom

Dear Mama,

You work and you have kids. Have you ever taken 10 seconds to think about how truly amazing that is? Here’s how I see it.

  1. You have at least 3 full-time jobs!
    1. You plan, manage and think about your kiddos all the time. Even when they are not with you. That is some serious mental capability!
    2. You give your all to the valuable and necessary work you do in the world every time you are called upon. You may run your own business or work part time…this is truly amazeballs! It’s the real reason you get asked so much…”how do you do it all?” 🙄
    3. You manage your home and family. Holidays, Dr. appointments, meals, birthdays and vacations? Yeah, you rock that too. Sure you may dole out some tasks here and there…but who really runs things in the house so everyone is getting theirs? Yup, it’s YOU.
  2. Your commitment to self-improvement. You are constantly working to better yourself as a woman to be the best version of yourself so you can raise men and women who know what a happy, powerful and authentic woman looks and feels like.
  3. You are fighting the good fight. Raising kids in this technology-heavy, hyper-sexualized, randomly violent and polarizing world isn’t easy…And here you are doing it with your whole heart! Sure, you may be flying by the seat of your pants sometimes, and you and I both know you are doing your best to raise thoughtful, honest, empathetic and capable men and women despite modern challenges and changes from how you grew up.
  4. Fighting Perfection. We all struggle to be our most authentic versions of ourselves. We need to model this for our kids. Perfection is an ideal that doesn’t exist. You and I are works-in-progress. I hope you will remind me of that again next week 😉
  5. You know there are no points for style. No matter how your kids came to you (IVF, a happy accident, C-Section or orgasmic birth…whatevs!) You are a Mom now and you are rocking it. You should be proud of yourself for all that you give and do every single day.

As I reflect on this upcoming Mother’s Day, I am reminded that Mother’s Day will be what I make of it. Sure, I have expectations that the hubs will spoil me rotten and my kiddos are already hard at work making cards and edible necklaces for me, and I want to honor ME this Sunday as well as my own Mom and Mother-in-Love.

No matter how you were raised and whether you mom is available to you the ways you want/need these days…please take some time to honor yourself this Mother’s Day. You work hard, darn it. Raising kids while working is not for the faint of heart and here you are doing it in real time and giving it your all. You are amazing!

Happy Mother’s Day!

With Love,


My gift to you is a >>5-day meditation challenge << that does not require you wake up early to meditate!!