19 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business: Some naughty, some nice


This time of year just makes me giddy. I love Spring! It makes me want to clean out closets, have hard conversations (to clear the decks) and take walks in the rain and revel in watching my kiddos demolish every puddle they encounter. So cute!

This year, I’m also taking a critical eye to my business. I have a new site in the works, 3 new books being published and a whole new approach to marketing my brand…pant, pant, pant! I figured you could use some ideas for freshening things around your biz as well. Even if you do only 1 of the 19 things listed below, you will breathe some fresh air into your biz.

Leave me a comment below, download the cheat sheet below and let me know how this inspires you!

  1. Clean up your email list. Send an automated message to anyone who has NOT opened any emails from you in the last 6 months and see if you can win them back. Want to be ruthless? Just delete all contacts for anyone how hasn’t opened up an email from you in the last 6 months. Having good email hygiene increases your open rates in addition to the satisfying clutter clearing aspect. I know…you worked hard to get that contact’s interest in the first place, but get real. They have lost interest! Why? Have you been inconsistent in your mailings? Sending boring emails? Something else? Whatever it is, it’s ok. Forgive yourself and move on to finding new contacts.
  2. Change banks. Are you proud of the bank that handles your business transactions? Had your eye on working with a fancy bank? You know the one that your rich friends bank at and rave about? Ask for an intro to a banker or just look them up online and pick an account that meets your needs. March in there (bring your EIN, incorporation or city registration paperwork!) and see about getting yourself set-up this week. It’s cheaper than you think and you will feel like a million bucks banking with millionaires…literally.
  3. Get your email inbox to zero. Want to research a bunch of fancy systems that will be a great way to waste time and procrastinate? Google “inbox zero”. Otherwise, be ruthless. Clean up your inbox. It says a lot about who you are as an entrepreneur…
  4. Call old contacts who were interested in hiring you or working with you. No need to send them a long pitch. A simple, “I’ve been thinking about you now that your daughter went off to college. How are you?” can be very effective. I’ve had clients literally close thousands of dollars in unexpected business just by sending a nice message to previous and prospective clients/colleagues. Nice!
  5. Spruce up your dreams. I meet so many women who are dreaming old or impersonal business goals for themselves. When they look closer, they determine they have been playing out their spouse’s, parents or goals from before they became moms. Set a timer 10 minutes with your favorite journal and warm inspiring beverage. Sit with your eyes closed for 1 minute and breathe deeply into your belly. Open your eyes and start writing this prompt: “If money were no issue, I would…” Knowing your own truth is your most powerful and energizing inner resource. Get to know her better…you can thank me later.
  6. Clean your desk and make it personal and feminine to reflect who you are now. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Pare down. Most entrepreneurs are trying to do to too many things in their business. For the next 90 days, try re-focusing your efforts on your biggest money making endeavors that are the most fun to create. Sometimes the simple solution is the best solution. Your business is not meant to be hard.
  8. Get moving. If you don’t have an exercise routine that gets your heart pumping and focused on being your healthiest, start now. Ask your Dr. about ideas for your current-post-kids-body and shake your booty. No excuses! I work out now 4 days a week, 2 of them WITH my kiddos. My 5-year-old on his bike and me following behind pushing the 2-year-old in the jogging stroller. One of my fav new Insatragram hashtags is #runningwithkids…They are sometimes more complicated runs but I make the most of it!
  9. Spruce up your wardrobe. There is no reason to look a mess even if you work at home. My new favorite solution to having nothing to wear is using a clothes rental service. It’s like Netflix for clothes. 
  10. Figure out where YOU are the BOTTLENECK in your business and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, for heaven’s sake!
  11. Close your open browser tabs. It will help you focus.
  12. Go pro. You know where you are falling flat or need to step it up. Time for hiring a CPA instead of having your mother in law hack at your business taxes? Need a coach to help hold you accountable? Is it time hire a part-time business manager or CFO? Get to it! Start asking for recommendations from your self-employed friends. Interview 2-3 professionals and select the person who makes you feel the safest while NOT letting you get away with anything. Figure out how to pay them AFTER you decide on the right person for you. Successful entrepreneurs never let money stop them from having what they need.
  13. Fire someone. Ooooo, eeeeee! This one smarts, I know but stay with me…. Where is there dead weight in your biz? Is it a client, staff member, service provider, software, workspace, distributor, or (gasp!) maybe it’s even YOU? It’s time to say adios and find a better solution! You deserve it. If you are personally blowing it on some specific tasks then you simply must find a creative solution to replacing yourself. Find another Mom working virtually with her own small biz/VA service and give the work to her. What a win-win!
  14. Admit that your best thinking got you here. Take a step back from your business and pretend you are a new customer window shopping your biz. What does it look, smell and feel like to this new person? YOUR best thinking got your business to its current state. Is it all good? If yes, then go celebrate! If no, then you have to get real with yourself about what is required to get the biz to reaching its full potential. Ever notice how often CEO’s get FIRED when their business gets acquired? It’s not a heartless whim, but a brutal reality…the person to get a company from A to B is usually not the same person to get it from B to C and so on. It happens at every level. Most people are simply not equipped to make the emotional, spiritual and practical internal up leveling to grow substantially. Don’t be one of those people. Running your business is the best self-development program. So do the work, Mama!
  15. Spend some time and do a business assessment. Look at the results from a fresh perspective and make the changes necessary to improve your business.
  16. Get a legal check-up. Has it been a few years since you’ve had your contracts reviewed for your business? Wondering if there are any legal headaches heading for your industry? Have enough insurance? Take your head out of the sand and ask. Ask around for a reputable business attorney licensed in your state. You will sleep better!
  17. Give back. You have so much freedom, choice, and privilege as a self-employed woman. Who do you want to support and why? Talk to your tax advisor about any tax issues (liabilities/benefits) first. Make some magic happen! It feels amazing when your business can support more than just YOUR BOTTOM LINE.
  18. Have fun. If your business isn’t set up around the life you want RIGHT NOW. Ask yourself, “why?” As an entrepreneur, you are in charge of your income, schedule, and flexibility. What needs to change so you can spend WAY more time enjoying your family? When I get into “self-punishment” mode, I work too hard and bury my head in my laptop. You ever do that too? What’s your reason??
  19. Be grateful. You run a business and manage a family with kids. You are AMAZING! Be grateful for all the blessings in your life including the struggles…you and I both know how rewarding it is to be able to pull off having a biz + kids. SO much good stuff!

Any of these get you thinking? What needs some Spring cleaning in your business? Leave me a comment and download the cheat sheet below to keep the conversation going!

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