[10 Tips] Work-Life Balance: How To Stay Present For What Truly Matters – Part 2

Ahh, here we are “new year, new you” Right? Wrong!

The new year is filled with platitudes like this, keeping us asleep at the wheel of our lives shuffling about wishing we could just find that magic pill that would make us skinnier, smarter, richer and sexier.

Ain’t gonna happen, Mama!

I’ll let you in on a secret: real and sustaining change is an inside job and we need to focus our natural strengths while replacing bad habits with new behaviors.

We can apply this strategy to any area of our lives. Today, I’m focused on you understanding what matters most in your life. I’ll be bold and assume that what matters most to you is your family and having the time, attention and resources to help them thrive.

If you haven’t read part 1 of this post, go read that first

6. Create a SCHEDULE

If you are anything like me you recently got a new day planner/system. It’s crisp and fresh pages holding the potential of all that could be…

But as our work together is about taking a an eyes-wide-open approach, let’s keep our feet on the ground. Shall we?

Your schedule needs to be created in this order:

  1. Ask yourself, “what would my ideal schedule be every week?”
  2. Schedule your self care (fun, social & exercise)
  3. Schedule your romantic life (married or single, you need to be charged up in this are of your life).
  4. Enter your kid’s schedules + any family vacations
  5. Schedule daily “floor time” with your children. (Time when you are with them to play, dance around or act silly).
  6. Enter your work deadlines, launches, promotions, events you need to plan/attend
  7. Schedule in “flex time”. This is time when you can just sit down and catch your breath. You will be amazing how this starts to transform you…
  8. Make this schedule, share it with others who need to know (your spouse, children, team at work, managers, your life coach etc. so everyone can be jealous of your lifestyle…but mostly so we can support you in having the life you desire.

Did you create a schedule that you LOVE? Now you have a schedule you can commit to because it is gently steering you toward the life you are meant to live.

7. Be held ACCOUNTABLE (this one isn’t what you think)

When I speak of accountability, I’m not talking about the masculine strategy where you make a goal, a deadline and your feet are held to the fire…I don’t know many women who blossom and open up under such conditions.

When I speak of accountability, I’m speaking of finding a cheerleader or safe and beloved group of like-minded and successful women who know your desires for living a peaceful, loving and family-centric life where success is the bi-product of living well.

Try this strategy for reaching your goals for a few weeks and let me know how it goes.

8. Make your MINDFUL cheatsheet

Living mindfully means being awake at the wheel of YOUR life. Setting an example for your children of what a happy, relaxed and present woman feels like to be around. (It feels amazing to be around women who live this way, by the way!)

So when I tell you to live mindfully, I’m really just talking about positive distractions that keep you away from binge watching tv, avoiding your kids, too obsessing over social media, looking up your ex of FB, or just plain being too busy with the work managing a family + working at the same time.

Here’s a short cheat sheet of what might be on YOUR MINDFUL CHEATSHEET:

  • Meditate for 5 minutes before bed
  • Breathe in for a count of 3 and breath out for a count of 3
  • Join a mindful immersion
  • Do EFT
  • Forgive yourself (more on that later)
  • Look your kids in the eye (at their level) when they speak to you.
  • Put your hand on your heart when speaking to someone

Keep several copies of your MINDFUL CHEATSHEET around the house and your workspace so you always have your emotional/spiritual “toolbox” with you.


Lasting change does not happen overnight. True and sustaining change requires that we practice, learn, mess up and, clean up the mess, and repeat. Surround yourself with people who share your vision for living well and focusing on what matters most and keep at it.

Treating you life like a spiritual practice is the hardest and most rewarding task. Remind yourself of the process of your baby learning to walk…Didn’t you encourage her to keep at it? You deserve the same treatment in ALL that you do.

10. FORGIVE yourself

Yup, I said it. We ladies are notoriously hard on ourselves and each other. Forgiveness of yourself is a powerful tool in your tool box for releasing resentments and not taking everything so darn seriously!

Write down the 3 people who are the hardest on you (aside from yourself). Can you spend less time with these peeps? Need to have a hard conversation with them to get them to act right?

Even if you cannot remedy these negative nellies, I can tell you this. Start forgiving and thinking of yourself as a treasure, and others will fall in line and not even know why. Try it!

Your turn! What are your favorite strategies for staying present in your life what truly matters to you?

Tell me in the comments and share this post with a Mama friend who needs to hear this right now.