10 Questions Every Mom Entrepreneur should Ask Herself Today

Mom Entrepreneurs are an amazing bunch. We strive to be our best while raising children and running successful and profitable businesses. As a business coach for Moms with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (Marriage & Family Therapy), I simply cannot shy away from asking the hard questions sometimes because our answers can set us free.

Check out my 10 questions that every Mom Entrepreneur should ask herself today. Let me know what you think!

1. Am I happy?

Ugh, I know, I went for the jugular first. This question is so essential. I meet too many Mamas who talk in circles around this one because they are afraid of the answer. You. Deserve. To Be. Happy. Happy in your business, marriage, motherhood, with yourself and with the company you keep. Anything less is a life lived for others and the fast track to depression or worse. I love you. You love you. What do you need to get even a little bit happier?

2. Is my business reaching it’s earning potential?

This one is big and got me thinking twice about my potential too. I recently met an accountant who rocked my world about the possibilities and freedom that come from running one’s building off of cash-flow and accounting projections. I can see where I have been leaving money on the table. What about you? Is you business earning as much as it could (even if you are already at 6 or 7 figures?)

3. Am I under Earning?

This is a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM. If you have been in business for more than a year and still under earning, it is time to get serious about fixing this fast. You need to work with a mentor who can show you where your clients are, how to present/sell to them, market and follow-through on your offering. I teach my clients a 90-day system for generating $10K+ a month. We also tackle the psychological blocks to allowing ourselves to be successful.

4. Who do my kids need me to be?

This is one of my daily prayers as I start my morning. I’ll ask, “what do I need to be/do today to be the Mom my sons needs right now?” Often I get the answer, slow down, make better eye contact, sit on the floor longer with him, ask him what he wants for lunch instead of racking my brain to make something new and interesting…Sometimes this practice makes me cringe as I’ve set up my whole business around my son’s schedule. I get too cocky and come crashing back to reality. Try it. Talk about keeping it real!

5. What do I need to change today to be the Mom my kids need me to be TODAY?

An extension of #4. Get in action. Our kids will always need us on some level. It really is the most important job we have. Let’s give it the attention and follow-through it deserves.

6. Am I having fun in my business?

Yes, I went there. Rolling your eyes? I’m cool with that. I truly believe that running a business is some of the most fun we can have with our clothes on. Truly. If you are not having fun, call me and I’ll help you to quickly access your creativity, passion and juice that you may have lost for your business. As a Mom Entrepreneur, you have so much permission to have fun. It sets a great example for your kids too.

7. Am I working too hard?

I can feel the collective sighs and nods on this one. If you are like me, you love your biz so much you would do it all the time! As a recovering work-a-holic (one day at a time…) I still get a ton of juice and ego satisfaction from crossing off items from my to-do-list and generally feeling unstoppable. But I’ve also learned it leads to self deprivation not to mention a deprived husband, son and my beloveds…Oh and the adrenal exhaustion! That’s bad news for women…

8. Where do I need help (at home or in business) to have the life experience I crave?

We are not meant to do it alone. You need a team around you. Need more childcare, household help (cleaning/organizing etc?), a virtual assistant, a CPA, graphic designer? Sure you CAN do it all, but what is it costing you? Build a team, and stop trying to be Super Woman. No one is going to give you a medal…trust me. If you are running that old tape, “I can’t afford it!” You are simply not using your imagination. You could trade childcare with friends, “hire” an intern, trade services, enlist the help of your spouse, children and other family members… One area that many Mom Entrepreneurs struggle is marketing. Luckily, you can find experts who can help you learn how ringless voicemail works and even more information about other useful marketing strategies.

9. Where do I feel deprived in my life?

Get a big piece of paper, give yourself 30 minutes and just write this one out. The answers will surprise you. Enlist the support of a therapist, coach or trusted friend to help you talk through where you feel deprived and why and how to remedy it. Hugs!

10. Am I coasting in my comfort zone?

You and I both know that the life you aspire to live won’t be found in your comfort zone. Live the length & the width of your life, Mama. Many women ask me, “how do I know if I’m coasting?” Try this…Ask yourself , “do I know how to do everything in my life and business (get the kids to school, invoice clients effiecently, market my biz effectively, talk to my husband about everything/anything etc)? If the answer is YES then you are coasting in those areas! It is time to try something new, hire that coach you could teach you how to market better, earn more, make the decision to live fully by learning something new that gets you closer to your ideal life. This will make you feel alive. Trust me.


This post poured out of me and I have more! Watch for part 2 next week, where I keep the questions coming and love you up as you face yourself.

Did I get you thinking? Share your comments or questions below.




FTH_Pink_Wide2_FInal_rightBio: Flesché Hesch is the Business Advisor for Moms! A champion of Moms worldwide, she brings her training as a Marriage & Family Therapist, Meditation Teacher, and Small Business Coach and Strategist together to create the most positive and empowering Coaching programs for Mom Entrepreneurs to grow 6+ figure businesses!

She can often be found at her other office, the playground where she can be seen hunting for bugs with her 3 year old son. Baby Hesch 2.0 is joining her family & business plan in June 2015! Learn more at http://TheBizyMom.com


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