[10 Tips] Work-Life Balance: How To Stay Present For What Truly Matters – Part 2

Ahh, here we are “new year, new you” Right? Wrong! The new year is filled with platitudes like this, keeping us asleep at the wheel of our lives shuffling about wishing we could just find that magic pill that would make us skinnier, smarter, richer and sexier. Ain’t gonna happen, Mama! I’ll let you in…

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[10 Tips] Work-Life Balance: How To Stay Present For What Truly Matters (part 1)

work-life balance mom

Have you ever been hard at work all the while stressing about the kids, and details about your home/personal life at the same time? Ever been guilty of sneaking in “just a little” work while you are spending time with the kids? No, you say? You gonna leave me hanging and think I’m the only…

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How to feel CALM and CENTERED

Moms: How to feel calm and centered

Wish you could feel calm and centered no matter what? Read on for my favorite (and easiest) strategy for setting up everyone in my life for a BIG win. This week as I prepare for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!), I am focused on what matters most to me: my family. I’ll be prepping, cooking &…

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Can You Really Trust Your Husband’s Business Advice? 4 Things You Should Know Before You Decide

This week, I’m answering the following question from a woman in my community. Ever wondered how to manage your husband’s interest in YOUR business management?   Question: My struggle is that I run a business from home. Clients sometimes come to our house for their sessions. I want a regular work experience where I get to make decisions about…

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Moms: My Valentine’s Day Wish for You


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I’m thinking about the messaging that we got as little girls about what it means to be a mother. Did you learn any of these stories? Motherhood = self sacrifice Motherhood = coming in last Motherhood = mom jeans (what?!) Motherhood = no romance Motherhood = putting your dreams on hold Motherhood…

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4 Mom Entrepreneur Strategies: How to manage your family + business

Two Mom Entrepreneurs share their advice If you are anything like me, then you are always thinking about how you can better manage your time so you can bring your best to your family while growing your business. It’s not for the faint of heart. Right? My co-author, Rachel Olsen and I got together as part…

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Jessica Neighbor – Happy Hour for Mom Entrepreneurs

Happy Hour for Mom Entrepreneurs with Guest: Jessica Neighbor Jessica Neighbor’s site: http://jessicaneighbor.com/ Jessica’s Summer Camp: http://jessicaneighbor.com/summer-program.html   Listen to this short interview (23 minutes) and look for the “nuggets” you can glean. How can you apply these strategies to your business? Post your questions & comments below.

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Mom Entrepreneurs: How to Deal With Negativity

Mom Entrepreneurs: How to Deal With Negativity   This question about Mom + Entrepreneurs dealing with negativity came to me via my Inner Circle Group Coaching Program. With my training as a marriage and family therapist and meditation teacher, I offer you my best solution for dealing with negativity in your life and business once…

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For Moms – The Oprah Effect: How To Future Proof Your Business

You are a Mom in Business. What does Oprah have to do with it?   Do you dream of having your business discovered? Do you fantasize that the right article, public relations or big time blog mention will suddenly put your business on the map? I think most of us dream about an easy and…

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Meet my business baby, #MEG

As I get deeper into my pregnancy experience (5 months and counting!), I’ve noticed that some of my tricks for keeping my energy up are shifting. You see, I’ve been heads-down on a new “work baby” and it launched this week. I’ve had several people marvel that I seem to be getting more done pregnant than…

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