19 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business: Some naughty, some nice


This time of year just makes me giddy. I love Spring! It makes me want to clean out closets, have hard conversations (to clear the decks) and take walks in the rain and revel in watching my kiddos demolish every puddle they encounter. So cute! This year, I’m also taking a critical eye to my…

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3 Reasons You Are STUCK And What To Do About It

3 Reasons you are stuck for working moms

Ever feel stuck? Today’s blog post is tackling 3 Reasons WHY You Are Stuck. I’ve created a QUIZ to go with it. Check it out.       In Summary, to get unstuck you will need to focus on: Your stage of life Are your burnt-out? Are you in crisis? Spend 5 minutes filling in…

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How To Improve Your Self Discipline – For Working Moms

How To Improve Your Self Discipline - For Working Moms

You know me. I’m all about shining a light on the best hacks and strategies to increase our happiness (and productivity) as working Moms. Today we Tackle Self Discipline. I’m bringing you my three favorite tips for finally getting a hold of yourself and what I call self-discipline. Without self-discipline, the truth is: Your confidence…

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Productivity Training: Part 1 Goal Setting

Goal-setting and productivity for Moms

Today, I’m bringing you a three-part training series on getting stuff done. If you are ready to stop procrastinating, if you are ready to stop putting off your dreams, stop putting off your goals, wondering why are you spinning your wheels, then this is the training series for you. Today we jump headlong into goal…

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5 Tips: How to Stay Productive as a Mom Entrepreneur

  Think you know about productivity? Think again! Let me tell you a story, it may sound familiar to you… Have you ever had the perfect one hour to yourself? Maybe you had: child care lined-up the baby napping a quiet workspace a long to-do list a full belly a cup of your favorite calming…

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[10 Tips] Work-Life Balance: How To Stay Present For What Truly Matters – Part 2

Ahh, here we are “new year, new you” Right? Wrong! The new year is filled with platitudes like this, keeping us asleep at the wheel of our lives shuffling about wishing we could just find that magic pill that would make us skinnier, smarter, richer and sexier. Ain’t gonna happen, Mama! I’ll let you in…

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[10 Tips] Work-Life Balance: How To Stay Present For What Truly Matters (part 1)

Have you ever been hard at work all the while stressing about the kids, and details about your home/personal life at the same time? Ever been guilty of sneaking in “just a little” work while you are spending time with the kids? No, you say? You gonna leave me hanging and think I’m the only…

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How to feel CALM and CENTERED

Moms: How to feel calm and centered

Wish you could feel calm and centered no matter what? Read on for my favorite (and easiest) strategy for setting up everyone in my life for a BIG win. This week as I prepare for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!), I am focused on what matters most to me: my family. I’ll be prepping, cooking &…

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Can You Really Trust Your Husband’s Business Advice? 4 Things You Should Know Before You Decide

This week, I’m answering the following question from a woman in my community. Ever wondered how to manage your husband’s interest in YOUR business management?   Question: My struggle is that I run a business from home. Clients sometimes come to our house for their sessions. I want a regular work experience where I get to make decisions about…

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Mom Entrepreneur: My Valentine’s Day Wish for You


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I’m thinking about the messaging that we got as little girls about what it means to be a mother. Did you learn any of these stories? Motherhood = self sacrifice Motherhood = coming in last Motherhood = mom jeans (what?!) Motherhood = no romance Motherhood = putting your dreams on hold Motherhood…

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